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Build Things Better with Roost Artisan Home

Ep. 03 – Jeremy Estill of Roost Artisan Home

Episode 3 of Build Things Better features Jeremy Estill of Roost Artisan Home. While known primarily for custom furniture, Roost Artisan Home aims to be a source of home goods of all types. Jeremy has built furniture, crafted lighting from found objects, and even made quilts. Don’t try to put Jeremy in a box; he doesn’t quite fit.

While on a holiday trip back to Omaha, taking a break from his study of applied design in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jeremy learned about Bench in a strange turn of coincidence. As Jeremy describes it, Bench was exactly the type of creative community he had been looking for. He was hooked after his first visit in 2013.

Having spent much of his formative years with his grandparents, Jeremy was influenced by their resourcefulness and their desire not to see anything go to waste. This idea finds it’s way into Jeremy’s design as he incorporates pieces that might cast off by other builders. The result of this philosophy is a clean, modern, if somewhat eclectic aesthetic that works well with many design styles.

Listen to episode 3 to learn more about Jeremy Estill, his background, design philosophy, and his answer to our favorite question – “Cake or Pie?”.