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Ep. 02 – Joy O’Connor of EARTHENjoy

This week we chatted with Joy O’Connor, owner of EARTHENjoy. Joy makes jewelry and home accessories out of earthenware clay (hence the name EARTHENjoy).

Joy got her start making Christmas ornaments with her mother-in-law, crafting “Ho H0 Hot Mess” and “Ho Ho Holy Shit” ornaments and quickly realized there was a market for handmade, clay home accessories and jewelry. While she is known for her Nebraska necklaces, bright colored earrings with gold leaf, and beautiful, faceted hanging planters, Joy has been exploring more muted tones and branching out into new home accessories, including vessels for hand-poured candles.

Give this week’s episode a listen to learn why Joy has a hard time answering our favorite question: “Cake or Pie?”, how she came up with the name for her business, where she draws her inspiration from, and much more.