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Learn to build in 2015

Talk to anyone who’s spent time in a workshop and they’ll tell you endless reasons why it’s satisfying to build things with your own hands. Here’s just 15 reasons why we thinks you should learn to build in 2015: 1. It’s rewarding. As humans, we were born to be creative. 2. It’s economical. You can […]

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Weekend Warrior Membership

We’ve been working for a while now on ways to make membership more accessible.  Our goal has always been accessibility, to tools and equipment, work space, materials, skills, and training. Now in Bench’s new home we will be able to offer a more affordable Weekend Warrior Membership that will get unlimited access to our Factory Floor (fully equipped with […]

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Bench Retail

  On September 28th, as Bench turned 1 year old, we opened our new retail space at Bench.  Bench has always been focused on making trades more accessible to everyone. That is why we created a space where anyone could work in a professional wood and metal shop, it is why we started teaching classes […]

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Bench Classes

We have had a huge demand for classes ever since we started offering them in January.  We are now offering our Intro to Woodworking course nearly every month.  After our sixth round of classes we decided to revamp some of the material to make it more applicable.  We also decided to make this series a […]

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